Bald Knobber

secret acres | 2018 | 80 pages

Sergel follows the awkward path to greatness with his first graphic novel, Bald Knobber. A middle school boy named Cole delivers a book report on the Bald Knobbers, masked vigilantes from the Reconstruction Era. Unfortunately for him, this thrilling tale of antebellum justice and a corrupt county has an uncanny resonance with young Cole’s real life. Donning a home-made Bald Knobber mask with his cat, Daisy, at his side, Cole sets out to avenge the wrongs perpetrated by his recently divorced parents, his mother’s new boyfriend and the school bully. A mysterious house fire leads to a calamitous, and hilarious, conclusion. Much like the real Bald Knobbers, Cole discovers there are consequences to taking the law into your own hands.

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